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Affiliating with GCD Advisors

Are you looking to affiliate with an Independent RIA, Broker/Dealer, or Hybrid?

Looking for more resources and support? More income? More growth?  

An approachable, scalable entity positioned for succession and to maximize value?

GCD Advisors is committed to providing outstanding services to our clients.  The foundation of the work we do with and for our clients is our dedication to four core principles:  wealth management excellence, tax proficiency, relationship-focused, and concierge responsiveness. Our services - wealth management, estate planning, financial planning, tax and business services designed to provide clients with a holistic experience, and risk management and insurances for individuals and businesses. We are equally energized working with like-minded advisors.  Our affiliates want to maximize their efficiency with clients and business development and have the option to access expansive resources aligned with their ever-evolving needs.

Are you one of these advisors?

  • Early in your career, with a six figure annual production history or affiliated with a producing group; seeking mentorship, coaching, business structure and development support 
  • In your stride; confident in your services, simply striving to maintain independence, increase margins, and affiliate with an entity to maximize client value today and your future value
  • A veteran with a successful career and the luxury of being selective where and with whom you spend your time; seeking a bench of talent and resources for succession and a partner to maximize your business value

If one of these resonates with you, or you appreciate elements within each profile, it’s because we know you and are driven toward the same things.

Our Ideal Affiliates

  • Have $100M in advisory AUM
  • Have at least $25M in liquid assets eligible for advisory or are affiliated with a producer group
  • Growth-minded, interested in expanding services to clients or seeking to support succession
  • Possess an excellent professional reputation and a clean regulatory history
  • Execute with a client-centric approach and the highest levels of integrity
  • Focused on being the client's primary and trusted advisor
  • Achieved appropriate professional designations or comparable experience

Affiliation Options

  • A Broker/Dealer with corporate RIA, an independent RIA or both
  • Fiduciary model selection - advisor vs. referrer model
  • Compliance* operations reviews and audits
  • GCD compliance leadership
  • Investment policy committee insights
  • Optional resources
    • Access to a brand 
    • Access to a community of advisors with complementary skill-sets and for marketing purposes 
    • Joint marketing and business development
    • An expansive network of professionals
    • Succession, M&A, capital, expertise, transition support
    • Compliance support
    • Access to legal services
Access Plus 
  • Includes all the above plus optional resources, described further down on this page 
    • Investment Services
    • Operations Services
    • Marketing Services
    • Technology Solutions (each item with an additional cost)

  • Includes all the above, and....
  • Business consulting, coaching, and mentoring
  • A true wealth management model with partners to help implement proven best practices and provide excellent and compelling service to clients

To learn more about partnering with GCD Advisors, contact Adam Schwartz

About GCD Advisors, LLC 

GCD Advisors has a long-standing, formidable brand reflecting highly personal, wealth management excellence.  Our roots date back to 1965. Over the years we have seen extraordinary growth in the quality and quantity of client relationships.  While our firm size and revenue have grown, our staffing needs have remained the same.  We have the experience and structure to achieve amazing scale. Our expertise and joint vision forge our Comprehensive Service Model accompanied with helpful technology, and operational efficiency to scale your business. We have defined, fully-documented and time-tested processes that allow for repeatable workflows and consistent, predictable outcomes for you and your clients – if that is what YOU want.   

GCD’s Distinct Value

As advisors, we are a full service firm. If you desire all our services, for a fully comprehensive experience, we will collaborate with you in the following areas as well:

  • Financial planning
  • Individual, family, and business services
  • Investment management and planning
  • Income tax planning and preparation access
  • Estate planning and collaboration
  • Insurance acquisition and planning
  • Stock option and Restricted Stock Unit (RSU) planning
  • Retirement and Income Planning (Guided Retirement Income Planning Roadmap)
  • Personal, commercial, and mortgage banking and lending resources

Investment Package (priced based on AUM on GCD platform)

  • Investment policy leadership
  • Strategy research and documentation
  • Strategic and tactical asset allocation development and documentation
  • Annual client review commentary
  • Access to CIOs at GCD, TAMPs and HNW strategists
  • Proprietary resource for householding asset allocation models
  • Block trading accessibility
  • Access to potentially higher payout at broker dealer
  • Negotiated pricing with partner firms
  • Expertise with 529 plans, insurance and annuities
  • Access to professional network for legal and health care issues

Operations Package (priced based on AUM on GCD platform)

  • CRM setup and maintenance with GCD preferred vendor
  • Time-tested workflows and processes
  • Complete documentation of all processes
  • Staff support
  • Mobile phone replication for efficiency
  • Client suitability communications
  • Billing service for retainers
  • Client suitability communications
  • Conference room availability

Marketing Package (priced based on AUM on GCD platform)

  • Activated website management and training
  • Archived and organic content
  • Seminar and webinar support from logistics to presentation delivery
  • Video communication
  • Client market and economic communication
  • Social media integration
  • Access to Guided Retirement Income Planning book and roadmap
  • Enhanced website and email marketing
  • Lifestyle magazine for key clients
  • Holiday donation campaign

 Technology Package (each with separate cost)

  • Cloud server, including multi factor authentication, Microsoft suite, anti virus, malware, constant backup, access on all devices, all vendor pre approved 
  • CRM (Redtail)
  • Digital marketing and social media
  • Financial planning software
  • Online calendaring
  • Secured client portal for sharing files with clients
  • Video software
  • VOIP phone system
  • Forms creation
  • Branding within phone applications
  • Collaborative password keeper
  • Enhanced Adobe with extensive editing features
  • Mobile phone replication for efficiency

Senior Management

Adam Schwartz, CFP®, NSSA®, Managing Partner
Adam has built and managed several highly successful businesses. He has worked with thousands of financial advisors to increase client value and profitability, develop investment management policy for critical asset allocation work, and advance high net-worth and advanced planning strategies with clients. As a wealth manager, he is passionate and adept at helping his clients prepare for and achieve their financial goals. He authored Guided Retirement Income Planning: Introduction to the GRIP Roadmap, a book which not only provides key areas of retirement readiness and income planning for the reader but a roadmap for a successful advisor-client retirement planning experience. 

Greg Diamond, CPA, RFC®, PFS®, Managing Partner
Greg is a successful entrepreneur, wealth manager, and extremely proficient in operations integrating  technology and process like few others.  He has successfully integrated various aspects of technology and a high level of process into virtually all that happens at GCD. He created their proprietary Financial Life Planner (FLP), an advanced planning and cash flow model that rivals many of the commercially recognized planning software. With his proficiency in wealth management, extensive tax background, technology and operations, he has saved advisors and clients millions and returned priceless time to lead their lives as intended.

Neil Cohen,  CPA, RFC®, PFS®, Partner
Neil is a highly respected senior wealth advisor who has helped clients transition through life’s events from marriage and family planning, divorce, career changes to retirement, and both legacy planning and implementation. His expertise culminates from practicing as a Certified Public Accounting since 1985 and providing individuals and businesses with financial advice since 2005. Known for the connections and relationships he builds with his clients and his proficiency with wealth and tax management, he has formed a unique niche in helping individuals through divorce. *Neil is not registered with Woodbury Financial Services, Inc.