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Efiling Tax Returns

GCD Advisors is required to e-file all personal and business returns with both the IRS and any states where filing is required. Prior to e-filing any returns, each client will get an email from our office with complete instructions for how to process the returns we finalized for them. Please closely follow the instructions we provide to ensure the proper processing of returns. You have a choice of two methods to use for properly signing e-file forms and returning them to GCD:

Method #1:

Assuming you are eligible for our eSigning (electronic signature) process, sign the forms following the steps described in the email you will receive or these video instructions. The IRS mandates taxpayers complete an identity verification process maintained by an outside source; for married taxpayers, this will require execution by both of you. If you (or a spouse, if any) do not answer these questions properly, you must use method #2 below. For security reasons, we cannot provide any assistance with this verification process, so if you encounter ANY issues, skip to method #2 below.

Method #2:  

  • Log into our Secure Client Portal (SCP): 
    Use the email and password with which you previously registered. This site includes password retrieval resources and a video with simple instructions. Click the Folders link to the left. Do NOT click on Inbox.
  • Print certain pages:
    Within the current year folder, click the file named FILING INSTRUCTIONS.PDF and print ALL pages (this is a small file). Be sure to follow all instructions, including immediate actions to be taken.
  • Return e-file forms to GCD:
    Even if you owe money and will pay later, sign, date and return the e-file forms to GCD within 4 business days. State regulations mandate tax returns must be filed in a timely manner from the time they are sent to you. Either email the forms to us at or, more securely, upload the forms back to us. BE SURE TO NAME THE SCAN AS EFILE FORMS. We CANNOT accept pictures of these pages. Instead, try any phone app to scan from your phone. These are simple to use!

Once we get your signed efile forms, either electronically or by upload, your returns will be efiled within 24 hours. Feel free to confirm receipt of your forms by looking in your current year tax folder on our SCP. After successful efiling, you will receive emails from our tax software (CCH or Wolters Kluwer) indicating the acceptance of your returns by both the federal and state, if any, agency. Do NOT forward these to us, since we get this information directly from them too.

Contact us if you need help processing your e-file forms.