GCD Philosophy & Process

Our philosophy is to provide clients with comprehensive, high-quality wealth management and tax planning advice, clear and simple communications, and unparalleled responsiveness. As advisors having credentials as a Personal Financial Specialists (PFS),  a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) as well as being practicing CPAs, we are able us to provide quick, concise answers for our clients across a broad range of topics without the need for input from outside professionals.

We believe your financial plan must be actionable, addresses current tax and economic issues and provides depth in various areas (i.e. estate, investment, tax, etc.) and unbiased recommendations based on your input. In addition, your plan should be monitored at regular intervals throughout your life. To best address all your planning issues, GCD has developed our own financial model that aggregates all your essential information to create an individualized comprehensive plan.

Our planning process is designed to help you get to your financial destination and involves several steps. It starts with documenting your financial life today, and then forecasting what it will look like in the future based on your income, your expenses and your goals. As part of this process, it is important to determine your annual cash flows, both while building your net worth and later when you need income from your assets.

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