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Investing Philosophy

As a fully independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we offer our clients independent, customized investment solutions directed toward helping them to achieve their financial goals. Our services are comprehensive and disciplined, and the client’s best interest is always the determining factor in every situation.

Investing is a long-term endeavor, the foundation of which is built on a repeatable process. The core of this process starts by determining each client’s personalized risk tolerance. As part of the financial planning process or as a separate assessment, we assess the level of risk acceptable to each individual/family. This enables us to evaluate current investments and determine if they are best positioned to achieve their goals in light of their own tolerance for risk. 

Once this is determined, the next step is to construct a portfolio tailored to individual requirements. We believe this is best done using an “institutional investment” approach. This comprehensive approach starts with specific investment objectives (as outlined in the client’s plan) and then selecting investments for their long-term growth potential. 

Most importantly, an institutionally managed account is NOT the same as a mutual fund. Institutionally managed portfolios are managed using the same in-depth, rigorous process as large institutional investors, such as pension or endowment funds. Institutional managers have specific cash flow requirements, and investment decisions are made by a committee. Those decisions are executed by managers who typically require a very high minimum investment.

Bear in mind that over 90% of a portfolio’s return comes from proper asset allocation (i.e. the ratio of stocks vs. bonds); market timing and individual stock selection are the smallest contributor to portfolio performance. Furthermore, because investment styles go in and out of favor, we believe it is important to stick with the plan – even when market conditions shift temporarily – and to be patient knowing each specific portfolio is properly diversified to navigate all market cycles.

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