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Partnering with GCD Advisors

Are you ready for more?

Faster growth? 

Increased income?

Want to work smarter, not harder?

At GCD Advisors we take our commitment of providing outstanding service to our clients seriously.  The foundation of the work we do with and for our clients is our dedication to four core principles:  wealth management excellence, tax proficiency, relationship focused and concierge responsiveness. 

If you are an advisory professional struggling with the challenges of running and growing your firm, GCD Advisors may be an excellent partner.  Our defined, documented and time-tested processes allow for repeatable workflows and consistent, predictable outcomes for you and your clients.  We can help you grow and cultivate your clients and expand the services you provide, all while allowing you to focus more time on what you most enjoy doing.

“How can I have more consistent, intentional growth?”

“Is there a better way to serve my clients?”

“Other firms of my size have less staff. What am I doing differently?”

“Average growth in our industry is 18%. How is that possible?”

“I just don’t have time to market, grow AND serve my clients well. What can I do?”

If any of the above statements sound familiar, you aren’t alone, and we encourage you to learn more about how we can help.

About GCD Advisors, LLC 

GCD Advisors provides comprehensive and extensive services to address our clients’ wealth management needs.  Our services include wealth management, tax and business services designed to provide clients with expert advice and support for all of their financial needs.

Over the years we have seen extraordinary growth in the quality and quantity of client relationships.  While our firm size, revenue, income and clients have grown, our staffing needs have stayed relatively the same.  We have the experience, processes, procedures and structure to achieve amazing scale and minimize staff overhead costs. In addition, Greg Diamond, a founding partner, has the vision and drive to propel us forward towards our goals.  Greg is passionate about sharing his expertise, vision, processes and structure to help other advisors achieve the growth and success they desire.

Why considering partnering with GCD Advisors, LLC?

Highly respected and recognized brand:

  • GCD Advisors has a long-standing, highly recognized brand and reputation for providing excellent wealth management services and value to our clients.  Our roots date back to 1965.

Truly comprehensive service model:

  • Our expertise spans multiple disciplines of wealth management, including:
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Insurance
  • Annuities
  • Stock option and Restricted Stock Unit (RSU) Planning
  • Estate Planning Support
  • Income Tax Services
  • Business Services

Unparalleled technology, operational efficiency and scale:

  • We have designed our service and operations processes to allow for predictable, sustained growth without incurring additional variable costs.
  • We use an industry leading, ultra-secure, compliant private cloud-based server, online calendaring system integrated with Office 365 and smartphones, and outsource various other operational functions that most small businesses struggle to accomplish.

GCD Advisors is looking for advisory and investment professionals who:

  • Have at least $5M in AUM that is available for an advisory platform
  • Have the desire to add at least $10MM AUM over the next 2 years
  • Have an excellent professional reputation
  • Have an existing relationship, or willingness to have a relationship, with AssetMark*
  • Exhibit the highest levels of integrity and client-centric focus
  • Are focused on being the client's primary and trusted advisor
  • Have achieved appropriate professional designations or comparable experience
  • Have a clean regulatory history
  • Are interested in expanding services to clients and growing their business
  • Are looking for a true wealth management model and to partner with a firm that will give them the ability to implement proven best practices and provide excellent service to clients.

To learn more about how you can achieve your goals and partner with GCD Advisors, please contact Greg Diamond.

If you'd like to learn more about whether or not you are a good fit for this partnership, click here to complete our Advisor Interest Questionnaire. And for an even more in depth look into the offerings by GCD Advisors, click here.

*GCD Advisors, LLC and Assetmark, Inc. are separate and unaffiliated companies.