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Secure Client Portal (SCP)

GCD provides all clients with access to important documents and information 24/7/365 through Citrix Sharefile.  See below for other FAQs. While on our SCP, clients can see the following:

  • Client copy of current year and past years’ tax returns for you, related/approved family members and related business(es)
  • Estimated tax information, if any
  • All source documents you send us to prepare your 1040
  • Most recent version of the financial model we have prepared for you. Learn more about this service at Financial Planning
  • Estate documents provided by you
  • Any other documents that you send to us and request us to save here
  • Documents can now be uploaded to GCD directly from your client page on this site. See FAQ below.

Note: the PDF version of any document is accepted by virtually all banks, mortgage companies, the IRS, state governmental agencies and even the court system. Originals are no longer required to be retained

Log into GCD Secure Client Portal (SCP)
(uploading now available here)

Watch this short video on navigating our SCP, including how to enable two-step verification.


Problems logging in? 
Some clients have had difficulties logging in while at their workplace due to firewall restrictions or spam blockers. We suggest you try from your home or smartphone.

Forgot password? 
Click the Forgot Password link after clicking the log in link above. Note: the system will NOT email an address that is not in our system. If you don't get the password reset email, email us at

Want to view a sample SCP screen?
Click the login link above and enter the email address: and the password: Sharefile1#. Click on Shared Folders when on the site.

Will the SCP allow me to upload documents?
Yes. Go into the folder named Uploaded Files Only Here and read the README FIRST file before uploading.

Want to view these files on your smartphone or tablet?
This is available for both IOS and Android

Can I share documents on the SCP with others?
Yes. To share file(s), click on the file(s) to share > click Share > select to either email directly from the site or paste a link into an email > select Edit Message or Link Options to select methods of security > Send.