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Complimentary Consultation

If you would like to setup a complimentary initial consultation to meet with an advisor to discuss your own personal situation, please click their calendar link on Our Teamf page. To make this call/meeting more efficient, please have the following available or consider uploading to them before the call:

  • Last filed federal and state tax return
  • Most recent statements of all investments (i.e., bank statements, 401(k), IRA, partnerships, etc.)
  • Most recent statements of all debts (i.e., mortgage, home equity loans, etc.)
  • Most recent pay stub showing gross wages, federal and state withholding for both you and your spouse, if applicable
  • Life insurance policies and details
  • Any information you may have previously created about an annual budget or spending
  • Lists of questions you would like to discuss

GCD Advisors seeks to help all clients and prospects address their financial, wealth and tax issues - no matter the size. If we determine that our process and product offerings are not appropriate for you, we will help guide you to a more suitable solution!

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