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GCD Financial Life Planner™

At GCD, we believe the preparation of a model that addresses all of your financial issues is the beginning of good planning. Many tools can be used to accomplish this goal, from online do-it-yourself tools to complex models prepared by various wirehouse investment shops. Regardless of which model you choose to work with, it should provide certain desired outputs. Ask yourself, “Does the model…”

  • determine realistic projected annual cash flows? 
  • calculate projected tax liabilities, including income, payroll and real estate taxes?
  • calculate the amount of life, long-term care and disability insurance needed based on forgone earnings if our family’s primary source of income ceases?
  • conclude declining investment rates of return required throughout my life to address decreased volatility as I get older?
  • identify potential estate tax liability issues and how to proactively reduce the impact to my heirs?
  • allow me to take corrective actions TODAY, and at future intervals, based on a new understanding of my financial life?

See how the GCD FLP compares to other models available online or by others.

Many people assume a financial model determines their “magic number,” or what they believe to be the amount of money they need so they no longer have to work. While that may be partly true, GCD has a broader definition: the amount of liquid assets you need, without having to add to it, that will enable you to pay all future expenses and still leave the assets you desire to your heirs or charity.

We have designed the GCD Financial Life Planner (FLP), which is updated annually to address current issues and areas of concern to our clients, to do ALL of the above. We spend hours with our clients to help them understand where they stand today and where they wish to go. This process helps clients understand not only their magic number, but also all the factors that can help and hurt them along the way. Learn more here about the benefits of the GCD Financial Life Planner (FLP).

We also believe the preparation of such a model comes with an obligation on your part… 

  • the desire to want to validate what you are doing with your finances; or
  • the desire to change what you are doing to better position yourself to achieve your financial goals.

If you have either of these desires and wish to have us prepare an FLP for you, the process begins by completing the Data Gathering Worksheet (DGW). If you do not intend to take either of these actions, then the preparation of a model is not necessary. Instead, you may already be prepared for the next step: investing your assets.

Review a sample of a finalized GCD Financial Life Planner (FLP).

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