Upload Files to GCD Staff


Can I upload while on the Secure Client Portal (SCP) site?
No, this can only be done while on this page.

Who do I choose as the recipient for tax or investment documents?
To prevent delays, select the partner, advisor or staff member you are working with on a given project. For efile forms, to finalize your personal or business tax returns, select the user named ADVISORS GCD.

Can I upload documents from a smartphone?
If you have files on your phone, follow the prompts after entering below, to send them securely from your phone as well. 

I'm having troubles uploading. Can I get some help?
Contact the person you are trying to upload to and a staff member will then contact you to arrange a time to use Zoom to connect to your computer and show you how to do so properly. 

I have read the parameters indicated above,
am concerned about email security (or have too many files or files too large to email),
and wish to upload files to a GCD staff member
to be selected during the process to follow.
My documents have been scanned in black and white (no color, if possible)
and I have tried to keep items in separate files and not combine them.

Upload File(s) to a GCD Staff Member

After clicking Send, there is no need to also email the recipient. They get an email automatically and you will get a notification as soon as you send your files.