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Upload Files to GCD Staff


What should be done to my files before uploading?
Remove any passwords; try scanning in black & white instead of color; keep all files separate by not combining; do NOT zip multiple files into one.

Does GCD prefer I upload documents or email them?
GCD has no preference but uploading is secure and has no limits to the amount of files or their sizes. Emails are not secure and have size and quantity limits.

Do I need to upload more than one time when sending documents?
No. All files can be uploaded at one time either by selecting all the files that are in a single folder OR you can drag the files to this site. Note: you CANNOT drag an entire folder though. This will give you an error message.

Who do I choose as the recipient for tax or investment documents?
To prevent delays, select the partner, advisor or staff member you are working with on a given project. For efile forms, to finalize your personal or business tax returns, select the user named EFILE, FORMS.

Can I upload documents from a smartphone or tablet?
If you have files on your device, follow the prompts after entering below, to send them securely from your device as well. 

How can I scan documents without having a scanner?
There are many free phone apps that allow you to scan documents all into a single or separate files. GCD has had great experience with SwiftScan

I'm having troubles uploading. Can I get some help?
Watch this short video explaining how to use this process. If you still have issues, contact the person you are trying to upload to and a staff member will then contact you to arrange a time to use Zoom to connect to your computer and show you how to do so properly. 

I have read ALL the FAQs above and understand that I CANNOT drag or upload a folder

Upload File(s) to a GCD Staff Member
(cannot drag or upload a folder on local machine)

After clicking Send, there is no need to also email the recipient. They get an email automatically and you will get a notification as soon as you send your files.