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Tax Planning & Preparation

What We Offer

As part of our wealth management services, we provide our clients with comprehensive personal and business tax and accounting services.

Tax FAQs

These are simplified answers to commonly asked tax questions, mostly from our clients.

GCD 1040 Process

Our robust process focuses on efficiency and effectiveness, beginning with directing clients how to best minimize their time gathering tax documents, while constantly seeking to yield the lowest amount of taxes to be paid.

Pay GCD for Tax Preparation

Click here to pay your service invoice to GCD electronically. 

Income Tax Rates, Limits & More

A simplified chart of personal income tax rates.

Pay Taxes Online

After Covid, many of the state and governmental agencies had difficulty processing paper checks as payment for taxes. GCD strongly promotes paying all taxes, and virtually all other payments, electronically. This is a listing of the states and federal link for paying taxes online. 

Key Documents & Forms

These are custom forms designed by GCD to help our clients in various financial areas of their lives.

Upload Files to GCD Staff

With email fraud a major concern, we promote our clients to send us documents securely instead of just attaching sensitive documents to an email.

Other Tax Related Websites & Info

A great source of curated websites that have proven to be valuable to our clients.